The Design Thinking Experience


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The Centre – Professional Learning Rooms


Tim Osborne and Justin Hill


This opportunity is available to individual teachers and/or subject/year level teams (PP-12) to experience and to get ‘hands-on’ with the Design Thinking process. This session is open to ALL staff throughout the School & will demonstrate the process that can be applied within the classroom but also within all areas of our school, in business & society. This session will be limited to 25 participants.




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The Course

This session will provide an opportunity for participants to engage and explore in the Design Thinking process. It’s a one 4 hour session where you will identify and solve a real world problem by using the St Paul’s School Design Thinking Process. It will allow staff to get ‘hands-on” with the process and utilise the three dimensions; Engage, Ideate and Prototype to support the development of innovative solutions.

If you have previous completed Design Thinking PD sessions, this session can be used to further enhance your understanding and application of Design Thinking process. It would also be a useful introduction to ‘Exploring the Potential of Design Thinking in planning for Teaching & Learning’ PD session. If you participate in the ‘The Design Thinking Experience’ session you will still need to take part in the ‘Exploring the Potential of Design Thinking in planning for Teaching & Learning’ PD session as it focusses on how Design Thinking could be utilized within your units and works within the Common Learning Framework.

Come & see the possibilities!

Further Information


Don’t hesitate to contact Tim (Ext. 766) if you would like to know anything more about the Design Thinking @ St Paul’s PD Session this semester.