Continuing with Global Sustainability


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The Centre – Professional Learning Rooms


Charles Mackenzie-Smith


PP-12, Teachers who have attended the Introduction to Global Sustainability PD sessions



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The Course

Sustainability has traditionally been viewed narrowly as the concern for our global environmental future. It is so much more than this. There has never been a time with so much opportunity and yet so much at risk from a multitude of pressures. Language, culture, biodiversity, human rights, social justice, population mobility, stress on resources, education to name a few. In an unpredictable, interconnected and ever-changing world, we are all affected. Global Sustainability is a pedagogy concerned with developing critical and ethical decision-making, and developing empathy. It also aims to develop an awareness of how we can learn with perspective and evaluate what is best for our own, and our wider society’s future.

This PD course will assist you to more confidently look at ways to incorporate Global Sustainability concepts into your planning. It will assist you to find strategies, source knowledge about the realm, create learning environments related to Global Sustainability thinking and also aid to establish Global Sustainability learner dispositions.

The Program

The three sessions will focus on the practical aspects of planning through the lens of Global Sustainability.


Session 1

Create and Plan

  • Quick revision on Introductory Course
  • How can students take these skills and dispositions into other learning contexts?
  • How can I plan with the realms in mind?
  • How can embed Global Sustainability into my planning?

Session 2

Hands-On Planning

Thinking of Essential Questions

Using the pre-planning, re-orienting documents

Thinking of a potential Action Project

How to use the Global Sustainability Action Process